Pacific Puddle Jump
From the Americas to French Polynesia

Crew List

2017 Moorea group
2017 Moorea Group2016 Moorea group
2016 Moorea Group2016 PV group
2016 Puerto Vallarta Group

2016 Panama group
2016 Panama Group
2016 Balboa group

2016 Balboa Group
2010 Panama group
2015 Moorea Group
2015 PV Group
2015 Puerto Vallarta Group
2015 Panama group
2015 Panama Group2015 Balboa group
2015 Balboa Group2014 Moorea group
2014 Moorea Group2014 PV group
2014 Puerto Vallarta Group

2014 Panama Group
2014 Panama Group

2013 Moorea Group
2013 Moorea Group

2013 Puerto Vallarta Group
2013 Puerto Vallarta Group2013 Panama Group
2013 Panama Group

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Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-vous
Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendezvous Flyer

TMS Poster 20182018 Rendezvous Poster

French Polynesia Guide
2016 Yellow Flag Guide to French Polynesia
PDF Download (19.4 MB)
New Caledonia Guide
PDF Download (19.8 MB)


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