Pacific Puddle Jump
From the Americas to French Polynesia

Crew List

Registration for the 2019 Pacific Puddle Jump is now open.

Welcome to the 2019 PPJ fleet.

By signing up, your boat will be included in our fleet 'safety database', and your daily positions recorded. You will also be eligible to receive substantial discounts from our sponsors including a discount on a special package offered by a Tahitian yacht agent that includes clearance in and out, repatriation bond exemptions for your crew, and duty-free fuel access beginning in the Marquesas. You will also receive an official PPJ burgee and other PPJ 'swag'.

Click here to register.

Members of the PPJ begin their crossings anytime between February and May from a variety of places along the West Coast of the Americas.


Ever since we coined the phrase ‘Pacific Puddle Jump’ 24 years ago, the staff of Latitude 38 magazine has been intimately involved with the annual migration of cruisers from the Americas to French Polynesia.

Not only do we report on each year’s fleet in both our monthly magazine and online in our ‘Lectronic Latitude postings, but we host annual pre-departure parties in Mexico and Panama, and we co-host a three-day post-arrival celebration in Tahiti. In addition, we maintain an archive of articles, fleet lists and photos on this site.

Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-vous
Tahiti-Moorea Sailing

TMS 20192019 Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-vous

French Polynesia Guide
2019 Yellow Flag Guide to French Polynesia
PDF Download (25.8 MB)
New Caledonia Guide
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