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2019 Letters to the Fleet Archive

Dear PPJ Registrants:
In the coming weeks we will be sending out a number of informational emails to PPJ registrants. We thought it would be helpful to also post them on our website for those who have limited email access.
Please follow the links below for each email, and any attachments.

Fleet Letter #1-19: Bond / Clearance / Fuel Deal, Long-Stay Visa Changes
Fleet Letter #2-19: Long-Stay Visas/ Sendoff Events/ Special PPJ Net/ Tahiti Crew
Fleet Letter #3-19: Tahiti Crew/ Daily Check-in/ Panama Parties/ Long-Stay Visa Tips
Fleet Letter #4-19: Check-in Clarification, HF Radio Nets, Discounts, Rendezvous
Fleet Letter #6-19: Taking On Crew, Check-in Reminder, Upcoming Events, Sponsor Rebate Offer
Fleet Letter #7-19: Yellow Flag Guide
Fleet Letter #8-19: Fatu Hiva/ Bond Letters Required /Fuel Limitation/ Rendezvous
Fleet Letter #9-19 - Fleet Survey & Recap/ Your Stories
Fleet Letter #10-19 - Rendezvous/ Discount Card/Tragic Loss/ Bond Letter Change/Occ Pacific Net
Fleet Letter #11-19 - Rendezvous Schedule
Fleet Letter #12 - Bora Bora Incident, Crossing Data & Pix

Tahiti Crew 2019 Information Letter
Tahiti Crew 2019 Arrival Letter
Tahiti Crew 2019 Rate Sheet Setup instructions for PPJ 2019
South Pacific Strategies 2017
Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-vous - A Cultural Feast 2018
Pacific Puddle Jump Recap 2018

Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-vous
Tahiti-Moorea Sailing

TMS 20192019 Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-vous

French Polynesia Guide
2019 Yellow Flag Guide to French Polynesia
PDF Download (25.8 MB)
New Caledonia Guide
PDF Download (19.8 MB)


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