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Crew List

2020 Emailed Letters to the Fleet

Dear PPJ Registrants:

In the coming weeks we will be sending out a number of informational emails to the email address of Pacific Puddle Jump registrants. We are also posting them here for those with limited email access.

2020 Emailed Fleet Letters:

Fleet Letter #1: Duty Free Fuel / Bond Exemptions
Fleet Letter #2: Growing Pains / Events / Burgees
Fleet Letter #3: Check-Ins / Events / Promos
Fleet Letter #4: Coast Guard, Check-Ins, SPSN, Yellow Flag Guide, Discounts
Fleet Letter #5: COVID-19 Ramifications - Galapagos and Panama
Fleet Letter #6: COVID-19's Impact on Your Landfall in French Polynesia
Fleet Letter #7: Arrival Policicies & Mandatory Arrival Form in PDF or Word
Fleet Letter #8: Evolving Policies
Fleet Letter #9: Updates March 21, 2020
Fleet Letter #10: FP Government Directive as of 3-22-20 / Landing Documents
Fleet Letter #11: More Questions Than Answers
Fleet Letter #12: Local Yacht Agent Kevin Ellis's Perspective
Fleet Letter #13: Loosening of Restrictions/ SIP Stories/ Late-Season Crossing
Fleet Letter #14: Great News - Restrictions Lifted... NOT!
Fleet Letter #15: Mixed Messages
Fleet Letter #16: FP Update/ Rendezvous/ Discounts/ Stopover Handbook
Fleet Letter #17: Press Release/ New Dates for Rendezvous
Fleet Letter #18: Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-vous/ FP Opens to Air Travelers

2020 Attachments, Information and Discounts

Confinement Measures Form - Email to Tahiti Crew or if you are not using them to Kevin at Nuku Hiva BEFORE ARRIVAL!
DPAM Request Form - Email to Tahiti Crew or if you are not using them to Kevin at Nuku Hiva BEFORE ARRIVAL!
Request for Boat Passage
Boat and Crew Information
Regulations for French Polynesia issued March 21, 2020
2020 SSB Nets:Times & Frequencies of Crossing Nets
Coronavirus Update: Coronavirus Precautions in French Polynesia
Passage Guardian 10% Discount
Guidelines for Sustainable Cruising
Sail South Pacific Free App
Predict Wind 20% Discount
Following Sea Setting Up Your Account
Tahiti Crew Info 2020 Informational Letter
Tahiti Crew Rates 2020 Rate Sheet

2019 Emailed Fleet Letters:

Fleet Letter #1-19: Bond / Clearance / Fuel Deal, Long-Stay Visa Changes
Fleet Letter #2-19: Long-Stay Visas/ Send off Events/ Special PPJ Net/ Tahiti Crew
Fleet Letter #3-19: Tahiti Crew/ Daily Check-in/ Panama Parties/ Long-Stay Visa
Fleet Letter #4-19: Check-in Clarification, HF Radio Nets, Discounts, Rendezvous
Fleet Letter #6-19: Taking Crew, Check-in, Events, Sponsor Rebate Offer
Fleet Letter #7-19: Yellow Flag Guide
Fleet Letter #8-19: Fatu Hiva/ Bond Letters Required /Fuel Limitation/ Rendezvous
Fleet Letter #9-19 - Fleet Survey & Recap/ Your Stories
Fleet Letter #10-19 - Discount Card/Loss/ Bond Letter/Occ Pacific Net
Fleet Letter #11-19 - Rendezvous Schedule
Fleet Letter #12 - Bora Bora Incident, Crossing Data & Pix

2020 Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendezvous July 24-26

French Polynesia Guide
2020-21 Yellow Flag Guide
to French Polynesia (29 MB)

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