Pacific Puddle Jump
From the Americas to French Polynesia

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Letters & Info to the Fleet

Dear PPJ Registrants:

Periodically we send informational emails to the registrants. We will also post them here for those with limited email access.

2024 Emailed Fleet Letters:

Fleet Letter #9 Contacts & Passage Data
Fleet Letter #8
Rendez-vous is Next Weekend, June 21-24
Fleet Letter #7
Meet Us at the Rendez-vous, June 21-24
Fleet Letter #6
Arrival, Clearing In, Safety and Important Numbers
Fleet Letter #5
Meeting the Fleet, Contact List and Taking on Crew!
Fleet Letter #4B
Shopping Made Easier. Save This List!
Fleet Letter #4
Immigration Form, Chart Locker, Landfall
Fleet Letter #3
Passage routes, Webinair, Tracking
Fleet Letter #2
Events, Safety and Passage Data
Fleet Letter #1
Long Stay Visas, Fuel and Sponsor Discounts

2024 Attachments, Information and Discounts Video of the PredictWind Webinair Feb. 15
PredictWind Tracker Instructions
On-line tracker for 2024 PPJ Fleet
Long Stay Visa Information
From S/V Jacaranda, November 2022
Long Stay Visas from Mexico From S/V Migration, October 2023
Tahiti Crew Rates 2024 Rate Sheet
Tahiti Crew Info 2024 Welcome Letter


February 16 in Panama
March 11 in Puerto Vallarta

2024 Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-vous

French Polynesia Guide
2024-2025 Yellow Flag
Guide to French Polynesia