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As you may know, Latitude 38 magazine has been involved with the annual westward migration of cruising sailors from the west coast of the Americas to French Polynesia for many years. We throw two annual Send-off Parties so we can get to know you, and we will publish several articles on this year’s fleet in the magazine.

This PPJ website also has information on past fleets and an archive of downloadable Puddle Jump Recap articles which contain crossing data for many participating boats.

Andy Turpin, Editor at Large

Look for further details on the Pacific Puddle Jump here, and in the pages of Latitude 38.

Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-vous
Tahiti-Moorea Sailing

TMS 20192019 Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-vous

French Polynesia Guide
2019 Yellow Flag Guide to French Polynesia
PDF Download (25.8 MB)
New Caledonia Guide
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